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Education Should Not Be Free for Everyone Argumentative Essay and Its Writing

Those who pay for their education understand that they are investing their own money or their parents’ money, so you need to get results from these contributions. Education now is not cheap, in some cases even very expensive. And these funds that we pay for education must be translated into our minds. Education should be universal and free. This is the position of the political mainstream, which partly absorbed the socialist value system. For socialists, universal free education is an old dream dating back to the first utopians, and its essence was that the division of labor, in itself, generates inequality and injustice; later, such purely intuitive attitudes were supplemented by Marxist scientific ones: the division of labor generates alienation of labor and alienation from labor results.

Practical Task: Writing an Argumentative Essay About Education’s Price

In order to move successfully into the future, people must have the opportunity to choose. In the education system, it is necessary to have alternative forms of obtaining knowledge, to practice different styles and methods of education; the more educational programs, the more chances young people have to understand themselves, to feel right, to guess their interests and inclinations, to choose exactly the professional life, which will give a chance to realize themselves in life to the fullest, to become themselves. The argumentative type of essay is based solely on evidence – statistics and official data. The argumentative essay sometimes uses such a technique as providing a counter argument (an opposing opinion). The author then refutes the counterargument using facts and evidence and, in this way, strengthens his or her point of view. When you have written everything in your education essay, check it out:

  • Is everything written clearly?
  • Do you have the main argument?
  • Are all the words used correctly?
  • Do you have facts and examples to support your main argument?
  • Are your ideas clear and consistent?

How to Write a Good Argumentative Essay on Education?

If you still find it difficult to imagine how to write a good argumentative essay on education, i.e., one that is sure to impress the reader and deserve a high grade, then let’s first understand what kind of text it is.

  1. This is a text in which you’ll need to express your opinion on the stated issue.
  2. This is the text in which you will need to support your opinion with facts.
  3. This is a text in which you will also have to provide an opposing viewpoint.

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